Self-Improvement, soul, Self-Welfare and using the Silence.

Campaign to improve public welfare and public.

Teach the lesson of Mutual love - Sohadra, goodwill, equality, empathy.

Gurubkti through Satsang, Matribkti, Pitrbkti, expenditure patriotic motive

With the help of Divya Satsang, millions through massive man- women to inspire to the right way en masse.

To help the people of Helpless, miserable orphan expenditure.

Teach meditation to live happy life.

Bring improvement in human society by publishing texts.

Various programs in the national interest to human interest expenditure.

हे प्रियवर ! सच्चे सद्गुरु की पहचान करो तथा उनके चरणों में मन की डोरी को बांधों | निश्चित ही तेरे बेड़ा पार होगा